A) Skill work:

2 mins – rope climbs

2 mins – Double unders or Triple unders if you have doubles sussed

2 min AMRAP – 6 ring dips + 12 press ups

– Rest 2 mins –

x2 Rounds


B) 3 min AMRAP:

4 Chin ups

6 Box jumps @24inch/20inch

12 Wall balls @9kg/6kg

– Rest 2 mins –

x3 Rounds

*Move fast, rest as little as possible between movements. Think of the 

2 minute rest after, PUSH HARD* 


C) After the last round of B) rest 3 minutes then complete:

3 rounds of-

5 TNG clean and jerks @50kg/25kg

10 Air squats

*A little finisher. You will be hurting from B) but switch off and just go, give it everything,

it wont last long*


A) Split jerk: 5x 3


B) Split jerk: @ 70% of A)

3x 6

*focus on fast feet and getting under the bar, be efficient*


C) For time:

Schwartz Iron Edge Challenge 2014 Wod 6

50 T2b

75 Thrusters @30kg/20kg

100 Kb swings @24kg/16kg

Time Cap= 15 mins

*normally 11 min cap but why not extend it a little and see how far you get?? 🙂 *



A) EMOM 10minutes:

3 Hang cleans (power or squat you choose)

* up the weight every min to find your max*


B) 1 Minute every station

(fight gone bad style)

SDHP @35kg/20kg

Box jumps @24inch/20inch

Hang cleans @35kg/20kg

Burpees to a target

Over head lunges @35kg/20kg

1 Min Rest

x3 rounds


C) If time:

Tabata- Hollow body rocks + Press ups

*alt rounds between the two, not a full tabata each e.g just 4 mins for the two exercises*



A) 10 mins to practise:



Chin ups

Muscle ups (rings or bar)

Chest to bar

*just get on the bar and work on being smooth and fluent*


B) Abbate

For time:

1.6k Run

21 Clean + jerk @70kg/49kg

800m Run

21 Clean + jerk @70kg/49kg

1.6k Run

*35min cut off*



A)Super set/ 4 sets:

4 Sumo deadlift

20 Commando push ups


B) Every 4 minutes:

20 Thrusters @30kg/20kg

10 Split snatches@30kg/20kg

5 Burpee chin ups

x 5 rounds

* These are meant to be sprints. All out @100%.

There should be a fair amount of rest between rounds,

so move FAST!!*


C) If time

3x 40 sec row (sprint)

*2 mins rest*

I look like this after a Crossfit workout almost every time... train insane :)


A) 10 mins to find 1 rep max cluster (squat clean thruster)

* making sure as you get heavier it is not a push jerk or a split jerk but

stays as a thruster*


B) EMOM 6 min:

5 Clusters @60%


C) Strict press: 3×3


D) EMOM 12 min:

Odd- 8 ring dips + 8 deadlifts @80% of A)

Even- Men= 15 calorie row Ladies= 10 calorie row



A) 5 min AMRAP:


1 Chin up

1 Goblet squat @25kg/12kg

2 Chin ups

2 Goblet squats

3 Chin ups

3 Goblet squats



B) Pair up:

wheel barrow- 10m each/20m each/30m each

*One person does the distance required then change over, try not to rest when it is your turn*


C) Tabata: T2b


D) For time:

Buy in- 30 Russian kb swings @32kg/24kg

3 Rounds of-

8 Burpee box jumps @24inch/20inch

16 Power snatches @30kg/15kg

30-25-20 Wall balls @9kg/6kg

Buy out- 30 Russian kb swings @32kg/24kg


A) Super set/ 4 sets:

4 Back Squats with 3 second pause @ bottom of squat. Trying not to collapse at bottom

of squat, keep tension in legs and stay active. No pause @ top of the squat either.

30 second all out sprint on the row (cal)


B) For time:

30 Double unders

15 Thrusters @45kg/30kg

30 Double unders

15 Burpee box jumps @24inch/20inch

30 Double unders

15 Push press @45kg/30kg

30 Doble unders

15 T2b

30 Double unders

15 Thrusters @45kg/30kg


C) If time:

super sets/ 3 sets:

60 second weighted plank

Accumulate a 20 second hanging L-sit



A) 15 mins to find your heaviest complex of:

Power clean + Hang squat clean + Front squat + Split jerk


B) For time:

21 – 15 – 9

Power cleans: Men @either- 60kg/50kg/40kg/ Ladies @either- 40kg/30kg/20kg



C) Every 5 mins:

400m Run





A) Super set/3 sets:

Back rack lunges (alt): 8 each leg

Ring Dips: 6


B) 15 minutes to practise:


Hand stand walking

Hand stand push ups

Chin ups

Muscle ups

*Pick two movements and focus on them*


C) 2 Rounds for time:

200m Run

10 Hspu

20 Single kb walking lunges @24kg/16kg

10 T2b

200m Run

10 Clapping press ups

20 Kb swings @24kg/16kg

10 Squat clean thrusters @40kg/25kg

Unless you go to my gym; then you'll be slow dancing, crying or beating your head against the wall.