A) Every 90 sec x7 rounds:

5 Lateral burpees

1 Power snatch

1 Hang squat snatch

1 TNG squat snatch

B) For time:

400m Run

15 Power snatches

400m Run

15 Overhead squats

400m Run

15 Squat snatches

-If time-

C) 30 Sec on/30 sec off/x4:

Press ups

A) EMOM 8mins (building in weight):

6 Deadlifts

4 Front rack alt lunges

2 Front squats

-1min rest-

1min AMRAP:

Max front rack alt lunges – up to 70/52kg

B) 5min AMRAP:

5 T2b

3 Burpees

5 Pull ups

3 Burpees

-2:30 rest-

5min AMRAP:

5 Single arm kb push press – up to 24/16kg

5 Goblet squats

5 Single arm kb push press

10 Box jump overs

-If time-

C) Alt Tabata:

Bb curls

Strict press

A) 3-4 sets/super set:

10 bent over rows (bb/db/kb)

Max press ups (chest to floor, with good clear extension at the top, if you can’t get your chest to touch the floor then go to knees or make it incline)

B) 3 rounds for max reps:

1min Thrusters – up to 35/25kg

-1min rest-

1min Front rack lunges

-1min rest-

1min Lateral burpees

-1min rest-

1min Handstand walk or wall climbs

-1min rest-

A) EMOM 5mins:

1 Power snatch

2 hang squat snatch

3 Overhead squats

-1min rest-

EMOM 5mins:

1 Squat snatch

1 Overhead squat

1 Hang squat snatch

1 Overhead squat

B) 15min AMRAP:

10 Front rack alt lunges – up to 50/35kg

5 Squat snatches

10 Alt pistols

5 Thrusters

400m Run

C) 3 sets/super set:

10 Bent over rows

10 Shoulder press

20 Lying leg levers

A) EMOM 5mins:

1 Power clean

2 Hang squat cleans

3 Shoulder to overhead

-Straight into-

EMOM 5mins:

1 Squat clean

2 Front squats

1 Split jerk

B) For time:

15 – 12 – 9

Deadlifts – up to 60/40kg

Bar facing burpees


9 – 12 – 15

Hang clean + jerks

Lateral burpees

C) Alt Tabata:

Handstand hold

Hollow body rock

A) 3 sets/super set:

16-20 Weighted alt lunges

10 Goodmornings or stiff legged deadlifts

5 Tempo back squats into 5 regular tempo back squats

(if no barbell then go for 5 tempo goblet or db front squats into 5 goblet or db front squat jumps)

B) EMOM 16mins:

Min1- Max wall balls or kb swings or box jump overs

Min2- 30 Sec hollow body

Min3- Max shoulder to overhead – up to 50/35kg

Min4- 30 sec plank

C) 3 sets/super set:

10-15 Bicep curls

10-15 Tricep overhead extn

A) Every 2mins x5 rounds:

3 Strict press + 5 Push press + 7 push jerks

(if you don’t have a barbell then use a kb or db and do the same same complex each on each arm within the 2mins)

B) Alt Tabata:

Squat jumps

Wall sit

C) 15min AMRAP:

20 Alt db snatches or 10 kb snatches left arm + 10 kb snatches right arm

10 Burpee box jumps

20 Wall balls or 20 empty bar thrusters (or holding a kb/plate as a goblet and perform thrusters)

10 Hand release press ups

A) 3 sets/super set:

10 e.l Bulgarian split squat (weighted if able)

20 (each way) banded or weighted crab walk

10 e.l Single leg deadlift using a pair/single kb/db or barbell

B) 3 Rounds/each for time/90 sec rest between rounds:

60 Mountain climbers

20 Squat umps

40 Plank frog jumps

20 Squat jumps

10 Burpees

C) 3 sets/super set:

20 Piked sit ups

20 Lying leg levers

20 Prone knee to opposite wrist

(in a press up position, bring right knee up to left wrist/as close as you can. Take leg back then do the same with your left knee to your right wrist and repeat this for 20 reps)

A) 20mins of Running:

Run out for 10mins then you have 10mins to make it back

B) 1min at each station/x3 rounds:

-Commando press ups

-Kb swings or wall balls

-Push press -up to 40/30kg or single db/kb hang snatches

-Squat jumps


A) Tempo front squats:

4x 4

(if you don’t have anything heavy enough to make the above challenging then go with below)

3-4 sets/super set:

10 e.l Static weighted lunges (all 10 reps left leg then all 10 right leg)

12 Goblet squat to squat jump (1for1)

10 e.l Single leg weighted (if possible) glute bridge

B) 3mins on/90sec off/x5 rounds:

400m Run

Max thrusters in time remaining – up to 40/30kg