A) 2 Rounds-

1 TGU e.a

2 Windmills e.a

10 Goblet squat jumps

5 Hang squat snatches – up to 35/25kg

20/15 Cal row

-10min cap-


B) -5mins to build-

10mins to find heaviest comlpex:

Hang squat snatch + overhead squat + TNG squat snatch


C) EMOM 16mins:

Min1- Cal row L1=12/9 – L2=15/12 – L3=18/15

Min2- 3 Squat snatches @80-100% of above

Min3- Pull ups L1=10 – L2=15 – L3=20

Min4- Rest

A) EMOM 12mins:

Min1- Burpees L1=6 – L2=12 – L3=18

Min2- Box jump overs L1=15 – L2=20 – L3=25

Min3- 15 SDHP @L1=30/20kg – L2=43/30kg – L3=52/35kg

Min4- Rest


B) Push jerk + split jerk:

5x 1+1 with 3 sec pause in catch of split


C) 12min AMRAP:

Buy in – 600m run

Then AMRAP in time remaining-

2 Rope climbs

12 Deadlifts @L1=40/30kg – L2=60/40kg – L3=80/50kg

2 Wall climbs

12 Ring dips

A) 10mins to find heaviest complex:

Power clean + TNG squat clean + Front squat


B) For time:

30 Squat cleans @80% of above


C) 15min AMRAP:

25/20 Cal row

15 Hspu

50 Double unders

5 Muscle ups – scale to bar muscle ups or c2b+ring dips or pull ups and hr press ups

A) 2 Rounds:

16 Double kb front rack walking lunges

8 e.l Single leg single kb stifflegged deadlift

8 e.a Single kb bottoms up kb shoulder press


B) For time:

1.6km Run

5 Rounds-

20 Wall balls

10 Pull ups

(20min cap)


C) Tabata:

4 Rounds – Bb curls

4 Rounds – Banded tricep pushdowns

A) Deadlifts (week 3):

1x 20

3x 10

(all at same weight/5-10kg heavier than last week)


B) 5min AMRAP:

40 Box jump overs

20 T2b

Max kb swings in time remaining – up to 32/24kg

 -rest 2:30min-

5min AMRAP:

15 Burpee box jumps

30/22 Cal row

Max Singe kb shoulder to over head in time remaining- up to 28/20kg

 -rest 2:30min-

5min AMRAP:

400m Run

20 Hr press ups

Max goblet squats in time remaining – up to 32/24kg


 -If time-

C) 2 Rounds (No rest):

20 Sit ups

Max hollow body hold

A) 2 Rounds:

10 Plate overhead alt lunges – up to 20/15kg

5 e.a Kb windmills – up to 20/12kg

5 Strict pull ups or 10 ring rows

10 Plate squat jumps


 -5mins to build-

B) EMOM 6mins:

1 Squat snatch + 2 overhead squats

 -1min rest-

EMOM 4mins:

1 Squat snatch


C) 18min AMRAP:

200m Single kb suit case carry – up to 24/16kg

20 Thrusters @L1=30/20kg – L2=35/25kg – L3=43/30kg

10 Burpee muscle ups (scale to  burpee c2b or pull ups)

A) Push jerk + split jerk:

4x 2+1 with 3 sec pause in catch of split jerk

 -15min cap-


B) 2 Rounds for time:

50 Wall balls

25 Pull ups

20 Shoulder to overhead @L1=30/20kg – L2=43/30kg – L3=52/35kg – L4=61/43kg

15 Ring dips

10 Bar facing burpees


 -If time-


C) Tabata (alt):

M-ball lying leg levers

M-ball russian twists

 -5mins to build-

A) EMOM 10mins:

Odd- T2b + burpee box jumps (high box) L1=5+2 – L2=7+3 – L3=10+4

Even – 3 Hang squat cleans (climbing)


B) 3 Rounds for time:

10 Hr press ups

10 Front squats @L1=43/30kg – L2=52/35kg – L3=61/43kg

30 Double unders (scale to 20 lateral bar hops)


C) 3 Sets/super set:

4 Close grip bench press

4 Strict chin ups (weighted if possible/scale to negative chin ups)

A) 3 Sets/super set:

6-8 e.a single kb Z press

10 e.a Single kb row

 -10min cap-


B) 3 Sets/super set:

20 Hollow body rocks

4 Overhead squats

 -15min cap-


C) Every 2mins x 3 rounds:

200m Run + max kb swings in time remaining – up to 24/16kg

 -straight into-

Every 2mins x3 rounds:

20/17 Cal row + max wall balls in time remaining

A) Deadlifts:

1x 20

3x 10

(all at same weight/5-10kg heavier than last week)

 -15min cap-


B) 7min AMRAP:

1 TGU e.a

15 Hollow body rocks

30 Double unders


C) For time:

3 Rounds of – 

15 Pull ups

15 Hang power cleans @L1=30/20kg – L2=43/30kg – L3=52/35kg

15 Box jump overs

2 Rounds of – 

15 Shoulder to overhead

5 Burpee box jumps

1 Round of –

200m Run