A) 1min on/30 sec off/x3 rounds:

-Cal row

-Db devils press – up to 22.5/15kg

-Burpee box jump overs

-Ring dips

-1min rest-

B) 4 sets/super set:

14 Back rack alt lunges

Max unbroken t2b


Part A – We have 4 stations, working for a full minute before our 30 sec rest then moving on to the next station. You will complete 3 rounds of this “circuit”. We want to be moving with a good strong uncomfortable pace but no going to hard too soon that the wheels fall off half way through the 2nd round. We shouldn’t be going so fast that we have to stop at any point during the minute of work, apart from the dips where this will be more a strength/muscle fatigue.

Part B – With our strength piece we have a barbell movement paired with a gymnastic movement. We want to really try and drive off that leading foot to get you back to a standing position, looking at your rear knee kissing the floor at the bottom.

For the t2b we are looking for as many reps as you can without coming off the bar, you can come to a stand still but as soon as you come off the bar the set is done. If you can get t2b but cannot string more than 3-5 together look to using the rings for some toes to ring to get that muscle strength/endurance working a bit, if you can’t do either then hanging knee raises/knee to elbow etc are totally fine! 

A) 10mins to find:

10RM strict press

B) 10mins to find:

5RM Push press

C) 3min AMRAP:


-2min rest-

1min AMRAP:


D) 3 Rounds for time:

25 Wall balls

20 Box jump overs

10 Deadlifts @L1=43/30kg – L2=61/43kg – L3=84/61kg – L4=101/70kg


Another “test day” today

Part A – Nothing fancy here, just a basic strict press. And just like the back squats yesterday we are aiming for a fairly high number. So take 1st 5mins here to warm up well and then having a couple goes at the 10RM. Brace the belly, squeeze the glutes and quads especially during those later reps.

Part B – Now that the shoulders and overhead position are warm we can start to crank it up a notch with some push press. Just like above, use the 1st 5mins or so to really dial in the movement then get after it, due to the lower rep target you could probably get away with having a few more attempts than the strict press.

Part C – For this we have two parts, 1st part is 3mins. Not long but also not short for doing fast paced burpees. This is all about knowing yourself and what kind of a pace you can maintain here, try not to start too fast and then come to a crawl at the end but also don’t sell yourself short and finish the 3mins thinking you should of gone faster sooner. Flaunt with that line, there should be NO STOPPING here.

For the 2nd piece we have a 1min sprint…. this is where all gaming goes out the window and it’s just all about how fast can you move?! Make this tickle…. but make sure we get full extn at the top of the burpee.

Part D – For our conditioning today we have some basic movements but movements that compile on one another. This will get very taxing on the legs so be aware of that leading in to the box jump overs.

Be smooth with the wall balls, know your limits and plan around them. Smooth controlled reps on the box jump overs will help keep the heart from climbing too high too fast compared to quick TnG reps where this will spike the heart rate. If you thinking of doing them fast maybe think about leaving it to the end or maybe after the 1st round so you know what you are in for.

For the deadlifts we do want it to be fairly heavy but something that we could hang on to for 5-8 reps unbroken if we wanted while fresh. But you will be surprised how fast you can cycle single reps here if needed to take some load off the back from eliminating the eccentric portion.

A) 10mins to find:

15RM Back squat

B) 10mins to find:

5RM TNG clean + jerk

C) 5mins to find:

Max unbroken pull ups

Max unbroken hspu

D) 15min AMRAP:

2km Run

30 Front squats @L1=43/30kg – L2=52/35kg – L3=61/43kg – L4=70/52kg

20 Bar facing burpees

Max Clean + jerks in time remaining


Bit of a “test day” today

Part A – Trying to see how heavy we can get for 15 reps here, staying consistent with the depth as we get in to the double digits. Just because it’s 15 reps doesn’t mean to go light, this should feel heavy respectively by the end.

Part B – Just like the back squats we only have 10mins for this, legs will already be warm and heart would of already been a few times due to Part A which will be handy as these 5 reps will again get the heart rate going.

You can squat clean or power clean, push jerk or split jerk either or is fine. Just as long as there is no resting of the barbell on the ground between reps. As much as this is about strength a good majority of doing well at this is being efficient at cycling the bar.

Part C – After testing out some barbell movements we move on to a quick piece for the gymnastics side of things. We only have 5mins for these two movements but everything should be nice and warm and primed to go.

Give yourself a couple warm up sets for both movements before going all in for your max set. You really only want one attempt at this, so the “warm up” set/s are really just to dial in the movement pattern. If scaling to banded pull ups is still too much for you then go down to ring rows and still go for your max set but being as strict as you can.

for the hspu, scale down if needed to an abmat or with plates as well but no more than 2x 10kg plates, anymore than this and get yourself on to a box for some piked hspu or go for a max set of regular press ups making sure the chest touches the floor.

Part D – The main event for the day, “EVERYBODY” will be running 2km unless certain injury’s prevent this (then speak to the coach).  from here we have front squats, choosing a weight that you could get at least 10 reps unbroken when fresh, really trying to fight through these, the least amount of times you drop the bar means the least amount of time you spend bent over looking at you shoe laces…. Once you are on to the burpees don’t stop, just grit your teeth and get them done. Doesn’t have to be at lightning speed but just keep a steady rhythm.

-5mins to build-

A) EMOM 7mins:

Up to 30 double unders


2 Hang squat snatches

-1min rest-

EMOM 3mins:

1 Hang squat snatch

B) For time:

200m Run

10 Alt db snatches – up to 30/22.5kg

30 Pull ups

200m Run

10 Alt db snatches

20 Alt pistols

200m Run

10 Alt db snatches

10 Bar muscle ups

200m Run

10 Alt db snatches

20 Hspu

200m Run

10 Alt db snatches

30 Pull ups


Part A – for our oly lifting today we have it paired up with some skipping, this will start to bring a slightly different aspect to the snatch due to the pressure of getting the skipping done in time to allow enough of a buffer to get the snatches done within the same minute. We are aiming to increase each in weight in each round so take that in to consideration as well as that is more time used up. For the double unders, you are choosing your own amount of reps here but no more than 30 (60 singles), you should be off your rope within 30 seconds (tops).

Part B – For our conditioning today we have some heavier than usual db snatches, saving grace being that the reps are broken up to a low level so don’t be afraid to try a little heavier than your norm here.

Other than the run and the snatches staying the same through out this workout the reps will change for the gymnastic movements. 30 pull ups off the bat is quite a few for most so be strategic here in how you approach these, there’s only a quick run before you are back on to the heavy db again so if you push your grip to much too soon it will take it’s toll with these.

Smooth and steady on the pistols so you aren’t wasting energy jumping around trying to correct yourself because you are trying to go too fast.

For the bar muscle ups if you are scaling down past a banded bar muscle up do 10 t2b + 10 press ups instead.

And for the hspu, scale down to a height that allow you to get these done in 4 sets (tops).

A) 10mins to find heaviest DB complex (each hand):

4 Hang snatches

2 Shoulder to overhead

4 Hang cleans

2 Shoulder to overhead

4 Front squats

2 Shoulder to overhead

B) For time:

27 – 21 – 15 – 9

SDHP @L1=25/15kg – L2=35/25kg – L3=43/30kg


Lateral burpees

-15min cap-

C) 3 Rounds:

10 Turkish sit ups

30 Sec side plank e.s

10 – 20 L-sit leg levers over kb (seated on floor)


Part A – For this strength piece we are seeing how heavy we can go with a single db, going through the entire complex unbroken. Once you have finished with 1 arm rest as needed before attempting the next arm (this will no doubt get a bit gassy as we get heavy/18 reps per arm….). Being smooth here is key and not rushing to go straight from 1 movement to the next, the less you have to fight the db to get into the right place or balance the less taxing it will be in the long run.

Part B – Chucking a spanner in the works with our usual 21-15-9 rep scheme by add in 27 reps to the fray…. by doing so this has changed from a quick hard sprint(ish) to a a bit of a grinder…..

Just keep in the back of you mind that the reps do go down after each round, so go in with a game plan and know when you are going to rest and be strict on how long your rests are each time….don’t let them drag out too much. Get through the 1st two big rounds and you are nearly there!!

Part C – Some core work to finish off the day. The turkish sit ups shouldn’t be so heavy that we have to stop before the 10 reps are done and using momentum to get us up either.

For the L-sit leg levers, try as hard as you can to not let heels rest on the floor from rep to rep. Focus on a quick little touch and go.

A) Half Tabata:

Db prone rows – up to 22.5.15kg


Half Tabata:

Weighted wall sit – up to 32/24kg

B) 3 Rounds:

20 Double kb alt lunges (1x kb overhead + 1x kb front rack/swap after 10)

2 Rope climbs

Max L-sit

C) 12min AMRAP:

15 Kb swings – up to 24/16kg

12 Pull ups

9 Single kb hang clean and jerks

6 Burpee box jump overs


Part A – This piece is more or less a primer for the rest of the class but will still be challenge in itself. For the db prone rows take your feet out to shoulder width, have the db in your hands in a press up position and whild you brace/balance on one arm you row the db with the other then change arms. You will do this in a “Half Tabata” format (20 sec on/10 sec off/x4) before going into the same format but with a wall sit and going weighted if you are able (goblet).

Part B – Some overall body strength work here including a fair bit of co-ordination with the lunges and the rope climbs.

For the lunges, the overhead part will be the limiting factor here. Being able to hold the weight overhead with the arms fully extended for 10 reps before switching arms will be challenging strength wise and also balance wise, along with no doubt getting that heart rate up as well.

If you are competent with rope climbs you could look into doing 1 of the 2 reps every round as legless, if you are not then talk to the coach so they know where you are at and how to scale accordingly.

Part C – For our conditioning today we have nothing overly heavy or too complex, allowing us (if we strategise correctly) to keep moving at a good pace even. By breaking up the pull ups early and on purpose to keep our grip in check for the later rounds will serve most of us well here as we have kb sings and also hang clean + jerks as well (all grip). So frequent quick breaks will go a long way at the end.

A) 4 sets/super set:

4 Tempo back squats

6 e.a Single db push press

30 sec hollow body

-20min cap-

B) 2mins on/2mins off/x5 rounds:

10 Cal row

10 Db step ups

Max wall balls in time remaining


Part A – For our strength piece today we have back squats with a tempo, we are aiming for a 3 sec tempo on the way down but coming up at normal pace. Thinking back to last weeks squats we are aiming to be around about the same kind of weight.

From here we move onto a single arm push press, trying to be explosive with some some heavy legs.Brace the belly tight and drive hard.

Part B – For our conditioning today we have some intervals, with a full 2mins off after each round we are resting the same amount as we are working so we are really trying to push the pace here from the get go. Start the row off strong, set the tone and don’t stop once you have finished. Grab the dbs straight away get the step ups done and get straight on to that wall for the wall balls and hold on. Everything here is to done with intent even the transitions.

-5mins to build-

A) EMOM 7 mins:

Squat clean + front squat + split jerk


5mins to find:

Max complex from above

B) For time:

3 Rounds-

9 – 15 – 21 T2b

9 – 12 – 15 Hang squat cleans @L1=30/20kg – L2=43/30kg – L3=52/35kg

200m Run

-If time-

C) Alt Tabata:

Chin over bar isometric hold

Plate front raise isometric hold


Part A – For the olympic part of our class today we have a complex, this complex starts from the floor so for some this will be the limiting factor, for others it will be the overhead to finish but this is ideally where we want it to be. This will start to feel fairly heavy rather quickly due to loading and the quick time frame, so go in to this with a plan A and also a plan B incase things go a little of course. Once the 7 rounds are done the 5mins will start for you find the heaviest complex. Aim to have around 3 attempts to allow some recovery between attempts otherwise if you keep going as an EMOM you will most likely be lifting a lot less than optimum.

Part B – For our conditioning today we have only 3 movements with one of them being a run…. it’s a short run so using this to try to shake off the arms and legs while still moving. You won’t gain much ground here but you could lose ground if you take it too lightly, find that pace that allows you to move with purpose but also one that won’t make you come to a stop when you come back inside.

For our other two movements we will be ascending in reps from round to round, keep in mind how grippy this could potentially be if we are going for big sets here.

Focusing on nice big kips during the t2b here and trying to breath while deep breaths while doing so, and thinking about relaxing that grip as much as possible when ever you can during the hang cleans.

Part C – Is only if we have time, just a little bonus for the class if things have run smoothly and to plan.  Scaling the chin over bar to a ring row hold if needed.

A) 8mins to find heavy complex:

4 Push jerks + 2 split jerks (from floor)


7mins to find heavy complex:

2 Push jerks + 1 split jerk (from floor)

B) For time:

15 Power snatches @L1=25/15kg – L2=35/25kg – L3=45/30kg

30 Wall balls

15 Clean + jerks @L1=45/30kg – L2=55/37.5kg – L3=65/45kg

30 Wall balls

15 Cleans @L1=55/37.5kg – L2=70/50kg – L3=85/65kg

30 Wall balls

C) 7min AMRAP:

3 – 6 – 9 – 12 – 15 T2b

8 Front rack alt lunges @L1=30/20kg – L2=43/30kg – L3=53/35kg


Part A – For our strength piece today we have a complex with some overheads. Being taken from the which in turn will warm your back up and also get the movement primed for part B.

For the 1st 8mins we won’t be getting overly heavy due the amount of reps but will still feel heavy respectively, so make sure to stay in your heels in the dip + drive, brace the core and move those feet!!

For the 2nd lot of our complex this is where we can start to push the weight.

For some the clean itself could be the limiting factor, so if this is you take your time after that heavy clean to set everything (stance, grip etc) then drive those legs hard.

Part B – For our conditioning piece we have a barbell movement leading into a set of wall balls, with the barbell changing in movement each round and also increasing in weight along with it, efficiency with the barbell is key for this workout. The reps aren’t high but it will get heavy by the end so good positions and mechanics from the start will go a long way, especially if you are one that struggles with wall balls. If you are strong with wall balls you can afford to push the cycle rate with the barbell, if not then keep the reps smooth on the bar with a quick breath between and break up the wall balls in to sets of 10’ish from the start but then dig deep on that last round of wall balls and get it done in as minimal sets as possible.

Part C – For our last piece we have an ascending ladder with T2b while the lunges will stay at 8 reps the entire 7mins.

Focus on big smooth kips on the t2b and be sure not to blow out the grip too early. So as we start to get deeper into the double digits we need to start being strategic with how to break up the reps. Every time we are on the barbell focus on your breathing and relaxing that grip as much as possible.

A) 2 Rounds for time:

3min on/1min off-

100 Double unders

20 Double kb hang clean + jerks – up to 24/16kg

10 Muscle ups

20 Double kb front rack alt lunges

10 Deficit hspu

20 Double kb deadlifts

-23min cap/6 rounds-

B) 4 sets/super set:

4 Back squats

4 Seated box jumps


Part A – For our 1st piece of the day we have 2 rounds for time but with a little twist. You will work for 3mins then rest for 1min before jumping back in where you left off. e.g you might get to 5 Muscle ups within the 1st 3min window, you will rest 1min then start on your 6th muscle up and so on until you have completed 2 full rounds or you get capped.

Scaling the muscle ups to bar muscle ups, or if going for a pull ups version it will be 10 pull ups/c2b + 10 press ups.

For the deficit hspu choose a height that you could get done in 1 – 2 sets.

Part B – Nothing flash here just mixing some heavy lifting with some plyometric work. Increasing the height over the 4 sets if confidence allows.