A) 3 Mins: Max push ups

– 1min rest –

3 Mins: Max chin ups

– 1 min rest –

3 Mins: Max wall ball


B) “super set”

4 sets of:

8 Strict press

8 Bent over rows


C) For time:


Deadlifts @80kg/50kg

Lateral burpees over barbell





A) You have 15 minutes to find your heaviest weight

for complex:

Hang power clean

Hang squat clean

Squat clean

*without resting bar on the ground*


B) 12 minute AMRAP:

15 Kb swings @24kg/16kg

10 Hang cleans @50kg/30kg

30 Double unders/60 singles


A) 3 Sets of (not for time):

“Super set”

10 Kb press ups to prone rows

15 Double kb front rack squats


B) 4 Rounds For Time:

Bear crawl (width of box)

12 Single kb push press @16kg/8kg

Bear crawl back

6 T2b

Bear crawl

12 Single kb push press

Bear crawl

6 T2b

200m Row/Run

(depending on numbers in class, if able row every set.

If not then try to run 2 sets and row the other 2)


A) For Time:

60 Kb swings @24kg/16kg

50 Wall balls @9kg/6kg

40 Chin ups

30 Hand release press ups

200m Run

10 T2b


B) Strict Press:



C) 5 Min AMRAP:

1 Wall climb

5 Burpees with plate @20kg/10kg


A) Front rack lunges:

4x 16 each leg


B) 3 Rounds for time:

10 Chin ups

15 Box jump overs @24inch/20inch

20 Air squats

* EMOM = 5 Hand release press-ups*


C) If time:

3x 4 Turkish get up each arm



A) Deadlift: 5-5-5


B) EMOM 10 mins:

Odd- 20 Wall balls @9kg/6kg

Even- 10 Deadlifts @ 80% of above


C) “On a running clock”

0 – 5 Mins to find 20 rep max

Shoulder to overhead

*you can stop above your head with arms locked out,

or racking the bar on your shoulders (front rack). Anywhere else

and the set is over and does not count!!!

Move fast.*

5-10 Mins Amrap:


5 Hang cleans @ weight you finished your 20 rep on (above)

1 Front squat @ same weight

5 Hang cleans

2 Front squat

5 Hang cleans

3 Front squats


Fitness paleo/ primal style... Crossfit meme



A) 4 sets (not for time):

Max ring dips

Bent over row (be strict as possible with form)

Max T2b (you can stop but you cant come off the bar,

otherwise set is over)

– Rest 60 sec –


B) For time:

Buy in- 100 double unders/200 singles

5 rounds of

8 (each arm) Kb snatches @24kg/12kg

10 Lateral burpees over barbell

12 (6 each leg) Alt front rack lunges @60kg/30kg

Buy out- 100 Double unders/200 singles

crossfit wod meme - Google Search



A) Hang power clean + Jerk:

5+1 – 5+1 – 3+1 – 3+1 – 1+1 – 1+1


B) “Fran”


Thrusters @43kg/30kg

Chin ups


A) 4 sets of:

Max reps chin ups

1 Min plank

– Rest 90 sec-

*Thinking midline stability, keep the connection

on during the two exercises*


B) For Time:

Buy In- 50 wall balls

3 rounds of

30 Double unders

15 Split snatches (alt legs) @35kg/20kg

10 T2b

Buy Out- 50 wall balls



A) Clean + Jerk: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1


B) Open WOD 13.2

1o min AMRAP:

5 Shoulder to over head @52kg/34kg

10 Deadlift @52kg/34kg

15 Box jumps @24inch/20inch