A) 8mins to find heavy complex:

4 Push jerks + 2 split jerks (from floor)


7mins to find heavy complex:

2 Push jerks + 1 split jerk (from floor)

B) For time:

15 Power snatches @L1=25/15kg – L2=35/25kg – L3=45/30kg

30 Wall balls

15 Clean + jerks @L1=45/30kg – L2=55/37.5kg – L3=65/45kg

30 Wall balls

15 Cleans @L1=55/37.5kg – L2=70/50kg – L3=85/65kg

30 Wall balls

C) 7min AMRAP:

3 – 6 – 9 – 12 – 15 T2b

8 Front rack alt lunges @L1=30/20kg – L2=43/30kg – L3=53/35kg


Part A – For our strength piece today we have a complex with some overheads. Being taken from the which in turn will warm your back up and also get the movement primed for part B.

For the 1st 8mins we won’t be getting overly heavy due the amount of reps but will still feel heavy respectively, so make sure to stay in your heels in the dip + drive, brace the core and move those feet!!

For the 2nd lot of our complex this is where we can start to push the weight.

For some the clean itself could be the limiting factor, so if this is you take your time after that heavy clean to set everything (stance, grip etc) then drive those legs hard.

Part B – For our conditioning piece we have a barbell movement leading into a set of wall balls, with the barbell changing in movement each round and also increasing in weight along with it, efficiency with the barbell is key for this workout. The reps aren’t high but it will get heavy by the end so good positions and mechanics from the start will go a long way, especially if you are one that struggles with wall balls. If you are strong with wall balls you can afford to push the cycle rate with the barbell, if not then keep the reps smooth on the bar with a quick breath between and break up the wall balls in to sets of 10’ish from the start but then dig deep on that last round of wall balls and get it done in as minimal sets as possible.

Part C – For our last piece we have an ascending ladder with T2b while the lunges will stay at 8 reps the entire 7mins.

Focus on big smooth kips on the t2b and be sure not to blow out the grip too early. So as we start to get deeper into the double digits we need to start being strategic with how to break up the reps. Every time we are on the barbell focus on your breathing and relaxing that grip as much as possible.

A) 2 Rounds for time:

3min on/1min off-

100 Double unders

20 Double kb hang clean + jerks – up to 24/16kg

10 Muscle ups

20 Double kb front rack alt lunges

10 Deficit hspu

20 Double kb deadlifts

-23min cap/6 rounds-

B) 4 sets/super set:

4 Back squats

4 Seated box jumps


Part A – For our 1st piece of the day we have 2 rounds for time but with a little twist. You will work for 3mins then rest for 1min before jumping back in where you left off. e.g you might get to 5 Muscle ups within the 1st 3min window, you will rest 1min then start on your 6th muscle up and so on until you have completed 2 full rounds or you get capped.

Scaling the muscle ups to bar muscle ups, or if going for a pull ups version it will be 10 pull ups/c2b + 10 press ups.

For the deficit hspu choose a height that you could get done in 1 – 2 sets.

Part B – Nothing flash here just mixing some heavy lifting with some plyometric work. Increasing the height over the 4 sets if confidence allows.

A) 2 Rounds:

8 Double kb bottom bottoms up Z press

8 e.l Goblet step ups

20 – 30 sec Chin over bar hold

5 Snatch balance

5 Tempo overhead squats

-10min cap-

B) 5 sets of complex/from an empty bar:

5 TNG power snatches + 2 TNG squat snatches


4 sets of complex:

2 TNG power snatches + 1 TNG squat snatch

C) For time:

Buy in – 5 Wall climbs

50 Air squats


21 – 15 – 9 Thrusters @25/15 – L2=35/25kg – L3=43/30kg

12 – 9 – 6 Burpee box jumps


Buy out 50 Air squats

5 Wall climbs

-15min cap-


Part A – To start the session off we have a primer, so make sure we treat it as such. Try to keep moving through with a purpose of not getting the 2 rounds done as quickly as possible but really focusing on each movement and making sure it’s all quality. Loading should not be too/at all heavy just enough to get you working and get warm.

Part B – For this piece after the primer and the coach has gone through a couple drills you will have only 5 sets to build to a heavy complex, so once any weight goes on to the bar that is your 1st set. We wont be getting overly heavy here due this and also the complex is 7 reps long, but it should still be tough and also help getting dialled in for the next complex.

The 2nd complex we only have 4 attempts so make sure each attempt counts. We should be able to get a lot heavier than above due to there being less reps (by more than half), so set tight, drive those legs and be aggressive with that turn over under the bar.

Part C – For our conditioning piece we have a buy in and a buy out, due the amount of air squats the thrusters and jumping for the burpees will initially feel a bit harder than normal so be prepared for that, and also the pressing overhead and off the floor due to the wall climbs. So also take this into mind for when we get to the buy out as well….

For the thrusters we are picking a rep scheme that is going to allow you to keep moving during the burpees, so breaking up the 1st few rounds might be a good idea e.g for the 21’s 7-7-7 or 11/10 for the 15’s 8/7 – 5/5/5 but if you are breaking up into 3 sets then make sure the rests are quick!

A) 4 sets/super set:

10 Reverse grip bent over rows

Max dips

Max hanging leg raises (cap @15)

B) 20min AMRAP:

200m Run

20 Pull ups

20/15 Cal row

20 Alt db snatches – up to 22.5.15kg

20 Single db alt step ups

20 T2b

-If time-

C) Tabata:

Deficit hr press ups


Part A – For the dips we are looking at using 2 box’s, 1 for each hand while the body dips between the box’s. If you are getting less that 5 reps then scale down to regular box dips (1 box at your back, with legs ideally straight).

With the hanging leg raises the aim of the game is to try to keep the legs as straight as possible while trying to get the feet slightly higher than your hips. Obviously scale how straight your legs are and how high your feet go if needed.

Part B – There’s nothing here that is overly heavy or complicated to slow you down, just pick a pace that is going to allow you to keep moving throughout the 20mins. If you have the pacing right we should be able to pick up the pace for the final 5mins

-5mins to build-

A) EMOM 10mins:

1 Power clean + jerk


1 Squat clean + jerk

B) 2mins on/1min off/x5 rounds:

6 Clean + jerks @L1=30/20kg – L2=43/30kg – L3=52/35kg – L4=61/43kg

6 C2b

6 Clean + jerks

6 Lateral burpees

Max front squats in time remaining

C) 2 Rounds:

30 Sec hollow body

30 Sec Russian twists

30 Sec weighted sit ups


Part A – Starting the session off with a short clean + jerk complex. Looking at getting the reps done within the minute so make sure you start on the minute for the 1st half so if you need a little more rest you have itup your sleeve for when it gets heavy.

The Jerks can be any style (push or split). We are looking at starting around 70% of your clean + jerk so the increases over the rounds will most likely be small due to the higher starting percentage, the tight time frame and being 10 rounds of it.

Part B – For this piece we are choosing a weight that is going to allow you to cycle the barbell well and fairly quickly (should be able to go TNG if you “want to”), it will most likely slow down as the rounds get on but if we are looking at the bar for 5 seconds after every rep at the start…. it’s too heavy.

Scale the c2b down if needed to any pull up version, but something you can get done within 2 sets.

Part C – For our core work we are trying not to stop during these two rounds. Using the same weight for the Russian twists and the weighted sit ups. Keeping the weight on the chest for these.

-5mins to build/prep-

A) EMOM 8mins:

Odd – up to 10 wall balls + up to 10 pull ups

Even- 5 Strict press (from the floor)

B) 4 sets/super set:

4 Deadlifts

2 Split Jerks

C) For time:

1 Burpee box jump over

25 Double unders

2 Burpee box jump overs

25 Double unders

3 Burpee box jump overs

25 Double unders




10 Burpee box jump overs

25 Double unders

-10min cap-


Part A – To start the class off we have a bit of a primer/strength piece. In regards to the reps for the Odd minute choose a number that is going to allow you to get the pull ups done ideally in 1 set but no more than 2.

The work load (inc wall balls) should take around 40ish seconds.

During the Even minute we have some strict press from the floor, these will be a little harder than usual due to the arms being a bit tired from the previous minute and also due your breathing which will start to make your mid line to be unstable so brace hard.

Part B – Nothing fancy here just some grunt work with the deadlifts and a more “precise” movement with the split jerks, the jerks will be a little harder due to your legs getting worked from the deadlifts.

If you are sharing a bar make sure to stay in this order. You wont have long for this piece (15mins”ish”) so you may not get as heavy as you would like to but everything should be primed and ready to roll after our EMOM at the start.

Part C – For our final piece our focus is all about pacing. Find a pace at the start that you can finish with, it wont really kick in until around the 6 burpee box jump over mark but try to keep moving and push hard to hld “your” pace and don’t let yourself stop!! Scale the double unders to 50 single skips.

-5mins to build-

A) EMOM 3mins:

1 Hang squat snatch + 2 overhead squats + 1 TNG squat snatch + 2 overhead squats

-1min rest-

EMOM 4mins:

Hang squat snatch + overhead squat + TNG squat snatch + overhead squat

-1min rest-

EMOM 5mins:

Hang squat snatch + TNG squat snatch

B) EMOM 4mins:

Alt Pistols L1=10 – L2=14 – L3=20

-1min rest-

EMOM 4mins:

Db devils press – up to 22.5/15kg L1=5 – L2=7 – L3=9

-1min rest-

EMOM 4mins:

Cal row L1=12/9 – L2=17/13 – L3=22/17

-1min rest-

EMOM 4mins:

Toes to ring L1=12 – L2=15 – L3=18


Part A – For our Olympic lifting piece today we have it broken in to 3 sections. For the 1st piece our main focus is getting dialled in and getting comfortable in our positions, not worrying about adding weight round to round just find a weight that you know you can hit and stay there. For the 2nd piece we have the same movements but less reps than before allowing you to go a bit heavier but again not trying to go overly heavy here. For the 3rd and final piece this is where we want to start to crank it up, know that everything is dialled in and everything is firing.

Part B – We have four lots of 4min EMOM’s. You will choose your own level for each movement and try to hang on and get those corresponding reps each round, don’t go easy on yourself here make yourself push for it. “Everyone” will be doing toes to ring during this, even if you have toes to bar. This is meant to get you to hold on for bigger sets rather than getting off every 5 or so reps and still getting 18 done we ideally would like you to get it done in 1 or 2 sets.

A) 3 Sets/super set:

5-8 Strict ring dips

16 Double kb/db front rack stepping back alt lunges

8-10 Renegade rows

30 Sec hollow body rocks

-15min cap-

B) 25min Cap:

800m Run

30 Kb swings – up to 24/16kg

20 Pull ups

10 Hspu

800m Row

20 Kb swings

15 Pull ups

10 Hspu

400m Single kb suit case carry

10 Kb swings

10 Pull ups

10 Hspu

Max burpee box jumps in time remaining


Part A – For this piece we are trying to keep you moving, we only have 15mins to get it all done so choose a weight that allows the breaks in between movements to be short (also challenging). For the ring dips if you can get 8+ reps at body weight then look at adding extra weight here other wise if you struggle with these use a band that allows you to get at least 5 reps done.

For the renegade row, drop down to your knees if needed for your press ups but come on to your toes for the rows (1 row each arm), also take your feet a little wider to help with the balance and to help keep your hips locked in square.

Part B – This piece is all about trying to move at pace that allows you to keep going. In regards to the kb swings + pull ups you can perhaps look in to pushing the reps a bit further than usual (hold on to bigger sets) due to the fact that it will take a little while to come back to these movements due to the row etc.

Once you get to the burpees try not to watch the clock, keep your head down, find your rhythm and keep going.

-5mins to build-

A) EMOM 7mins:

3 Squat clean thrusters

-1min rest-

EMOM 7mins:

2 Squat clean + push jerks

B) 3 Sets/super set:

15 Banded tricep pushdowns

Max ring press ups

10 Reverse grip bent over rows

-10min cap-

C) For time:

Buy in – 10 Hang squa tcleans

21 – 15 – 9

Front rack alt lunges @L1=30/20kg – L2=43/30kg – L3=52/35kg – L4=61/43kg

Pull ups

Buy out – 10 Hang squat cleans


Part A – For these two lots of EMOM’s we are looking at climbing in weight every round (ideally), getting as heavy as form allows. The squat clean thruster must be that, a thruster after catching the bar from a squat clean. There is to be no re-bending in the knees as we drive the bar overhead or no power cleaning then into a thruster.

Focus here is to receive the bar in a strong position and finish aggressively with an enfaces on using your hips!!

For the squat clean + push jerks take your time after the squat clean to reset everything before going overhead.

Again we are aiming to increase the weight each round so you may or may not want to decrease the load after the thrusters during the minute rest, this will be totally up to the individual in regards to where they finish and where their clean + jerk is, in relation to their thruster.

Part B – For the ring press ideally we want to get as close to level as possible but if you can’t get more than 5 reps look at creating a bit of an incline or could look into doing press ups with hands on a box or with the bar in the squat rack to create that incline. Either way we want to find a version that is going to allow you to do the press ups on your toes (not your knees if possible) so talk to your coach for ideas if need be.

Part C – For the final piece of the day we are looking at taking around the 10min mark.

Choose a weight that you could hold on to for 10 hang squat cleans when you’re fresh (not that you have to during the WOD). But then for some you may need to think about the lunges as this will be the harder movement for some (especially while breathing heavy).

If you struggle with pull ups break them early so you don’t spike that heart rate anymore than you need to by trying to hold on for dear life, you can start to push for bigger reps closer to the finish.

Once you get to the final set of hang cleans fight to hold on to that bar and bring it home!!