A) Option1-

15min AMRAP:

100 Double unders (or single skips)

10 Hr press ups

50 Wall balls

20 Sit ups


15min AMRAP:

50 Mountain climbers

5 Wall climbs (or 25m bear crawl)

25 Step ups

10 e.a Single arm kb/db push press

B) 3 Sets/super set:

20 Alt lunges – Weighted if able

20 e.l Single leg glute bridges

30 Sec squat jumps


A) Option1-

If you do not have access to a skipping rope sub them out for quick alt step ups, use a low box/step for this. Shouldn’t be much higher than mid shin hight.

If you don’t have a wall ball you could sub them out for very light thrusters e.g with a light weight plate or slightly heavier goblet squats.


If you do not have a wall to perform wall climbs you can swap them for bear crawls, aim for about 25m worth (5m for every wall climb). Even if this is broken into 3-5m segments if need be. For the step ups try to use something that is of similar hight to the box you would use during class and only if you are up able add in a kb or weight plate, hold it in a goblet and step up with this.

For the kb/db push press, you will perform all 10 reps on 1 arm before changing arms then finishing 10 reps on the other.

Part B – A little bit of leg strength and endurance work to finish off the day.

If you are able and have the means then add some weight to your alt lunges, wether it be in a goblet, holding something at your side, back rack etc.

For the single leg glute bridges make sure to get a good squeeze at the top before lowering back down. And again add some weight if you feel you could.

Try not to stop during the 30 seconds of squat jumps, jump as high as you can for each rep and make the bottom of the squat look beautiful, don’t just collapse in to it and be sure to be consistent with your depth.

Have a good rest after these before starting another set.

A) (If able)

Press something heavy overhead – 4x 5-8

B) Option 1:

“Snatch DT”

5 Rounds for time:

12 Snatch grip deadlifts

9 Hang power snatches

6 Overhead squats

*up to 60/45kg*

Option 2:

4 Rounds for time:

15 Kb swings

12 Single kb/db Hang clean + jerks

9 Single kb/db Thrusters

C) Accumulate:

4min Plank

150 Russian twists


Part A – For this piece we just want you use something (barbell/db/kb/anyhting that is farly heavy) and press it above your head and do 4 sets of 5-8 reps.

Ideally like a strict press, but all we are after is to try keep some overhead strength going. If no access to anyhting then do 4x max press ups with as much rest as you need between sets.

Part B – We have two options here for you.

Option1: choosing a weight that is challenging but this will mostly be dictated by the overhead squats. If need be scale the overhead squats to front squats. You should be able to do any of these movements unbroken if fresh and by themselves, not saying you need to do this during the workout but if you are breaking the hang snatches while warming up it is too heavy.

Option2: For this piece, our 1st round will be

15 Kb swings (above the head)

12 Hang clean + jerks (left arm only)

9 Thrusters (right arm only)

Then during round two you will do

15 Kb swings

12 Hang clean + jerks (right arm only)

9 Thrusters (left arm only)

Follow this until 4 rounds are done.

Part C – We can break this up however we wish until you have completed 4mins in a plank (total) and 150 russian twists (total)

-5mins to build-

A) Every 2mins x3:

8 Front squats (from floor)


Every 2mins x3:

6 Front squats (from floor)


Every 90 sec x3:

4 front squats (from floor)

B) For time:

200m Run

30 Single db alt hang snatch – up to 22.5/15kg

30m Run

20 Single db alt hang snatch

400m Run

10 Single db alt hang snatch

500m Run

-If time-

C) 2-3 rounds:

10 Bb curls

12 Skull crushers

-5mins to build-

A) Every 90 sec/x5 rounds:

10 Pull ups

5 Lateral burpees

2 Squat clean + jerks

B) 3 Rounds for time:

15 Unbroken thrusters @L1=30/20kg – L2=43/30kg – L3=52/35kg

-5min cap-

C) 5min AMRAP:

12/9 Cal row

8 Hang clean + jerks @L1=30/20kg – L2=43/30kg – L3=52/35kg

-2min rest-

5min AMRAP:

10 Box jump overs

10 Hspu

-2min rest-

5min AMRAP:

8 T2b

8 Double db push press – up to 22.5.15kg


Part A – For our 1st piece of the day we have some olympic lifting but mixed in with some body weight movements that has to be done before each set. With the pull ups and burpees you will be looking at around 30-40 sec of work here (on average, scale down if needed here to allow you to get these done within 2 sets). This will leave you with about 50-60sec to perform your 2 clean + jerks and also change weights.

Part B – For this piece we only have thrusters…..yay….

You have 5mins to accomplish 3 sets of 15 reps. The 15 reps have to be unbroken to make a set count. If you get to say, 13 reps then put the bar down, this set will not count and you will start again from zero. You can rest as long as you need to with the bar overhead or in the front rack position but if you bring the bar down any lower than that….start again.

Once you get your 15 reps, put the bar down and rest as long as needed before picking the bar back up and going for it again. You have to put the bar down after every 15…. if you feel you could go for 30 reps unbroken you’ve obviously gone too light….

Part C – We have 3 pieces for our last part of the day. Broken up into 5min segments. Long enough that it’s not a sprint but short enough to push the pace and get uncomfortable. Though pacing is needed here to make sure we aren’t dragging the chain at the end, we don’t want to over pace it either. There should be very little rest during the 5min intervals, the reps are low so there will be a fair bit of transitions, use these as your “rest”.

A) 3 sets/super set:

5/4/3 Strict press

6 Tempo ring dips (3-5 sec on way down)

1-2 Rope climbs

-15min cap-

B) EMOM 12mins:

Min1 – Burpee box jump overs L1=6 – L2=9 – L3=12

Min2 – 10 Double kb hang snatches – up to 24/16kg

Min3 – Air squats L1=20 – L2=25 – L3=30

Min4 – 100m Run

C) 2-3 Rounds (time dependant):

20 Landmine rotations

60 Sec plank

20 Hollow body rocks

A) For time:

“Break up however you wish”

1km Kb suit case carry – up to 32/24kg

80 Pull ups

60 Press ups

40 Front squats – up to 70/52kg

20 Strict t2b

B) Every 2mins/x4 rounds:

400m Run

-5mins to build-

A) Every 90 sec x5 rounds:

Up to 50 double unders (should be around 30 seconds here)

3 TnG Power snatches

B) 20min AMRAP:

3 Wall climbs

12 Alt db hang split snatches – up to 22.5/15kg

15 Wall balls

18/16 Cal Row

A) 4 sets/super set:

1 Tempo front squat + 1 Paused front squat + 1 normal front squat

4 seated broad jumps

-20min cap-

B) 1min on/1min off/x3 rounds:


C) 30 sec on/1min off/x3:

Pull ups

D) 40 sec on/20 sec off/x3 rounds:

-Double kb hang squat cleans – up to 24/16kg

-Double unders

-Ring dips

-Db devils press – up to 22.5/15kg

-1min Rest


Part A – For our strength piece we have some heavy front squats along with some plyometric work. For our front squats we have 3 variations for one set. For our tempo squat we want to take at least 3 sec on the way down, for our paused squat we want to hold at the bottom for 3 sec (stay nice and tight here, don’t collapse into it) and our last rep is just your normal paced squat.

For the seated broad jumps, sit on a box so your hips are about level with your knees then explode forward from this seated position, walk back to the box and repeat.

Part B + C – For these two pieces we have some gymnastics works, a chance to really try get some good volume in without having to worry about anything else. Don’t feel like you need to stay on the wall or the rig for the entire duration, play it smart to allow you to stay in control at the back end of it all.

Part D – For our final piece we will be working for 40 sec, resting 20 sec then repeating this until we get down to our rest minute. For pacing here we aren’t thinking about moving fast, for these movements you wont get much more out of it for trying to go fast. Smooth and consistant is key, focus on the rhythm of the movement and your breathing and the rest will take of itself.

-5mins to build-

A) Every 3mins x5 rounds:

400m Run

2 TnG Clean + Jerks

B) For time:

21 Deadlifts @L1=43/30kg – L2=52/35kg – L3=61/43kg

21 Wall balls

15 Shoulder to overhead

15 T2b

9 Thrusters

9 Bar muscle ups

-If time-

C) 3min AMRAP:

500/400m Row

Max Burpees in time remaining


Part A – For our 1st piece of the day we have some lifting specific work mixed in with some conditioning. Broken up into 3min blocks the only rest we will get is the time remaining after you complete your 2nd c+j.

If making 400m within the 3mins is really pushing it for you and not leaving you much time to complete the c+j then talk to your coach to discuss scaling options.

We want to be pushing for a good pace during these runs to allow enough time to do the lifts and also change weights before we start our next round.

We won’t be getting as heavy as we would like to here due to nature of this workout. There won’t be as much rest as you’d like with the heavier loads so this in turn will also make the runs harder than usual as well (more the last 2-3 rounds anyway) so keep this in the back of your mind and don’t be rattled by it once it hits.

Part B – This piece will be fairly quick, the reps aren’t too high (except the set of 21’s) and not overly heavy (except for the thrusters at the end) so try to push from start to finish.

Don’t sand bag weight wise because you are scared of the thrusters at the end, we want these to be hard. If you can link a few together while warming up you will be fine. Don’t go in thinking these have to be unbroken (even though they most likely will end up that way and if not it wont be far off), but we also shouldn’t be doing singles either…..

Part C – To finish the day (if we have time) is only 1 round. We want this to be all out…. not a hell of a lot of pacing here…. this should hurt the entire way.  As soon as you finish the row quickly get out, step to the side and rip into your burpees until the 3mins are up. Even if you think that the 500/400m is going to be a push to get done within the time frame we still want you to get after it, getting this distance done now becomes your focus.

A) EMOM 20mins:

Min1- Single db complex with left arm – up to 22.5/15kg

5 Hang clean + jerks

5 Front squats

5 Hang squat clean thrusters

Min2- Double unders – up to 70

Min3- Single db complex with right arm


5 Pull ups

5 Air squats

Min5- Rest

B) 4 sets/super set:

10 Deadlifts

10 Shoot throughs


Part A – For our conditioning today we have a fairly long EMOM. It will feel a lot longer than it is due tho the amount of work and moving is involved.

For the db complex this should ideally be done unbroken, it may get to a point in the last round or 2 that you have to break it up but if that is happening from the start it may be a bit too heavy.

For our double unders we have a cap of 70 reps, pick a number that is going to allow you to get it done in around the 40 sec or so. Even if you don’t have double unders we still want you to attempt these today and give yourself a 40 sec cap.

Part B – Nothing special to note here for the deadlifts other than that we are wanting them to be TnG and that even though it is 10 reps we still want them to be tough.

For the shoot throughs you can use parallettes, kbs or box’s. You will find the higher the you are based the easier it will be. Thinking of being in a hollow body position when our feet are back and trying to keep your feet off the floor as we swoop our body through, then get your hips up high and squeeze your glutes when your feet are out front. Keeping the arms locked out the entire time.