A) For time:

30 wall balls

10 Burpees

25 Wall balls

8 Burpees

20 Wall balls

6 Burpees

-8min cap-

-5mins to build-

B) Every 90 sec x5 rounds:

2 Hang power cleans

1 Push jerk

2 Power cleans

1 Split jerk

(drop and reset after the push jerk and for the power cleans)


EMOM x5 rounds:

1 Hang power clean

1 Push jerk

1 Power clean

1 Split jerk

C) 15 min AMRAP:

12 Pull ups

10/7 Cal row/bike

8 e.a Single kb shoulder to overhead – up to 28/20kg

6 e.l Single kb box step ups

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