A) 4 sets/super set:

1 Tempo front squat + 1 Paused front squat + 1 normal front squat

4 seated broad jumps

-20min cap-

B) 1min on/1min off/x3 rounds:


C) 30 sec on/1min off/x3:

Pull ups

D) 40 sec on/20 sec off/x3 rounds:

-Double kb hang squat cleans – up to 24/16kg

-Double unders

-Ring dips

-Db devils press – up to 22.5/15kg

-1min Rest


Part A – For our strength piece we have some heavy front squats along with some plyometric work. For our front squats we have 3 variations for one set. For our tempo squat we want to take at least 3 sec on the way down, for our paused squat we want to hold at the bottom for 3 sec (stay nice and tight here, don’t collapse into it) and our last rep is just your normal paced squat.

For the seated broad jumps, sit on a box so your hips are about level with your knees then explode forward from this seated position, walk back to the box and repeat.

Part B + C – For these two pieces we have some gymnastics works, a chance to really try get some good volume in without having to worry about anything else. Don’t feel like you need to stay on the wall or the rig for the entire duration, play it smart to allow you to stay in control at the back end of it all.

Part D – For our final piece we will be working for 40 sec, resting 20 sec then repeating this until we get down to our rest minute. For pacing here we aren’t thinking about moving fast, for these movements you wont get much more out of it for trying to go fast. Smooth and consistant is key, focus on the rhythm of the movement and your breathing and the rest will take of itself.

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