A) (If able)

Press something heavy overhead – 4x 5-8

B) Option 1:

“Snatch DT”

5 Rounds for time:

12 Snatch grip deadlifts

9 Hang power snatches

6 Overhead squats

*up to 60/45kg*

Option 2:

4 Rounds for time:

15 Kb swings

12 Single kb/db Hang clean + jerks

9 Single kb/db Thrusters

C) Accumulate:

4min Plank

150 Russian twists


Part A – For this piece we just want you use something (barbell/db/kb/anyhting that is farly heavy) and press it above your head and do 4 sets of 5-8 reps.

Ideally like a strict press, but all we are after is to try keep some overhead strength going. If no access to anyhting then do 4x max press ups with as much rest as you need between sets.

Part B – We have two options here for you.

Option1: choosing a weight that is challenging but this will mostly be dictated by the overhead squats. If need be scale the overhead squats to front squats. You should be able to do any of these movements unbroken if fresh and by themselves, not saying you need to do this during the workout but if you are breaking the hang snatches while warming up it is too heavy.

Option2: For this piece, our 1st round will be

15 Kb swings (above the head)

12 Hang clean + jerks (left arm only)

9 Thrusters (right arm only)

Then during round two you will do

15 Kb swings

12 Hang clean + jerks (right arm only)

9 Thrusters (left arm only)

Follow this until 4 rounds are done.

Part C – We can break this up however we wish until you have completed 4mins in a plank (total) and 150 russian twists (total)

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