Josh Boyle

CrossFit Coach

The first time I came across CrossFit I was both amazed and appalled…. Amazed at what these top CrossFit competitors could do, and appalled that these athletes I were watching were girls….. These girls were doing things that would of made me keel over and die if I tried to attempt what they were doing!!!

A few years later…… I’m not dead! I have to admit I am an addict, an addict of not only the sport CrossFit has become, but what CrossFit represents – health, being active, fun and an awesome community.
I have been involved within the fitness industry since I was 18 years old and have been a personal trainer for nearly a decade. I can’t get enough of trying to help people reach their milestones, big or small.

As long as you are willing to dig deep and push what you “think” are your limitations, I’m there with you helping you get that famous “ONE MORE REP!!!”


Eryn Boyd

Crossfit Coach

I have been a Personal Trainer for almost 6 years, working in both Melbourne and Taranaki. My introduction to CrossFit, when I was working in Melbourne, was the most influential and memorable part of my career to date! It completely changed the way I train myself, and others. Before Crossfit came along, I spent many years in the gym doing classes and traditional weight lifting. A background in modern dance, and now yoga, translates well into appreciating the technical side of CrossFit movements.

Favourite CrossFit coaching moments are seeing people achieve movements or weights that they may have once thought impossible, and guiding them on their journey through the progressions of all the different movements involved in CrossFit. Once you begin your CrossFit journey, you’ll never have another boring training session! There may be a little more sweat and tears than you’re used to if this is something new to you, but there will be a lot of satisfaction in seeing your progress, and your CrossFit community and I will be cheering you along the entire way!

Jeremy Maxwell

Crossfit Coach

Hi, my name is Jeremy Maxwell and I’ve been hooked on Crossfit since I was introduced to it 7 years ago.

The main reason I started Crossfit was to become mentally and physically healthier.

The push, the grind, the support is what keeps me coming back.
I believe that Crossfit is one of the best things a person can do to make themselves feel better, with a great community aspect and support there’s nothing better than turning up, working hard and being praised for it.

My love for Crossfit has lead me into coaching, to help others feel amazing, I love taking people through a workout and seeing the sense of achievement on their faces once they’ve finished something they thought they once couldn’t achieve.

I have continued my education with Crossfit to have successfully completed my CF-L2 certification and an currently working towards my level 3s.