-5mins to build-

A) Every 90 sec/x5 rounds:

10 Pull ups

5 Lateral burpees

2 Squat clean + jerks

B) 3 Rounds for time:

15 Unbroken thrusters @L1=30/20kg – L2=43/30kg – L3=52/35kg

-5min cap-

C) 5min AMRAP:

12/9 Cal row

8 Hang clean + jerks @L1=30/20kg – L2=43/30kg – L3=52/35kg

-2min rest-

5min AMRAP:

10 Box jump overs

10 Hspu

-2min rest-

5min AMRAP:

8 T2b

8 Double db push press – up to 22.5.15kg


Part A – For our 1st piece of the day we have some olympic lifting but mixed in with some body weight movements that has to be done before each set. With the pull ups and burpees you will be looking at around 30-40 sec of work here (on average, scale down if needed here to allow you to get these done within 2 sets). This will leave you with about 50-60sec to perform your 2 clean + jerks and also change weights.

Part B – For this piece we only have thrusters…..yay….

You have 5mins to accomplish 3 sets of 15 reps. The 15 reps have to be unbroken to make a set count. If you get to say, 13 reps then put the bar down, this set will not count and you will start again from zero. You can rest as long as you need to with the bar overhead or in the front rack position but if you bring the bar down any lower than that….start again.

Once you get your 15 reps, put the bar down and rest as long as needed before picking the bar back up and going for it again. You have to put the bar down after every 15…. if you feel you could go for 30 reps unbroken you’ve obviously gone too light….

Part C – We have 3 pieces for our last part of the day. Broken up into 5min segments. Long enough that it’s not a sprint but short enough to push the pace and get uncomfortable. Though pacing is needed here to make sure we aren’t dragging the chain at the end, we don’t want to over pace it either. There should be very little rest during the 5min intervals, the reps are low so there will be a fair bit of transitions, use these as your “rest”.

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