-5mins to build-

A) Every 3mins x5 rounds:

400m Run

2 TnG Clean + Jerks

B) For time:

21 Deadlifts @L1=43/30kg – L2=52/35kg – L3=61/43kg

21 Wall balls

15 Shoulder to overhead

15 T2b

9 Thrusters

9 Bar muscle ups

-If time-

C) 3min AMRAP:

500/400m Row

Max Burpees in time remaining


Part A – For our 1st piece of the day we have some lifting specific work mixed in with some conditioning. Broken up into 3min blocks the only rest we will get is the time remaining after you complete your 2nd c+j.

If making 400m within the 3mins is really pushing it for you and not leaving you much time to complete the c+j then talk to your coach to discuss scaling options.

We want to be pushing for a good pace during these runs to allow enough time to do the lifts and also change weights before we start our next round.

We won’t be getting as heavy as we would like to here due to nature of this workout. There won’t be as much rest as you’d like with the heavier loads so this in turn will also make the runs harder than usual as well (more the last 2-3 rounds anyway) so keep this in the back of your mind and don’t be rattled by it once it hits.

Part B – This piece will be fairly quick, the reps aren’t too high (except the set of 21’s) and not overly heavy (except for the thrusters at the end) so try to push from start to finish.

Don’t sand bag weight wise because you are scared of the thrusters at the end, we want these to be hard. If you can link a few together while warming up you will be fine. Don’t go in thinking these have to be unbroken (even though they most likely will end up that way and if not it wont be far off), but we also shouldn’t be doing singles either…..

Part C – To finish the day (if we have time) is only 1 round. We want this to be all out…. not a hell of a lot of pacing here…. this should hurt the entire way.  As soon as you finish the row quickly get out, step to the side and rip into your burpees until the 3mins are up. Even if you think that the 500/400m is going to be a push to get done within the time frame we still want you to get after it, getting this distance done now becomes your focus.

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