A) Option1-

15min AMRAP:

100 Double unders (or single skips)

10 Hr press ups

50 Wall balls

20 Sit ups


15min AMRAP:

50 Mountain climbers

5 Wall climbs (or 25m bear crawl)

25 Step ups

10 e.a Single arm kb/db push press

B) 3 Sets/super set:

20 Alt lunges – Weighted if able

20 e.l Single leg glute bridges

30 Sec squat jumps


A) Option1-

If you do not have access to a skipping rope sub them out for quick alt step ups, use a low box/step for this. Shouldn’t be much higher than mid shin hight.

If you don’t have a wall ball you could sub them out for very light thrusters e.g with a light weight plate or slightly heavier goblet squats.


If you do not have a wall to perform wall climbs you can swap them for bear crawls, aim for about 25m worth (5m for every wall climb). Even if this is broken into 3-5m segments if need be. For the step ups try to use something that is of similar hight to the box you would use during class and only if you are up able add in a kb or weight plate, hold it in a goblet and step up with this.

For the kb/db push press, you will perform all 10 reps on 1 arm before changing arms then finishing 10 reps on the other.

Part B – A little bit of leg strength and endurance work to finish off the day.

If you are able and have the means then add some weight to your alt lunges, wether it be in a goblet, holding something at your side, back rack etc.

For the single leg glute bridges make sure to get a good squeeze at the top before lowering back down. And again add some weight if you feel you could.

Try not to stop during the 30 seconds of squat jumps, jump as high as you can for each rep and make the bottom of the squat look beautiful, don’t just collapse in to it and be sure to be consistent with your depth.

Have a good rest after these before starting another set.

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