A) EMOM 20mins:

Min1- Single db complex with left arm – up to 22.5/15kg

5 Hang clean + jerks

5 Front squats

5 Hang squat clean thrusters

Min2- Double unders – up to 70

Min3- Single db complex with right arm


5 Pull ups

5 Air squats

Min5- Rest

B) 4 sets/super set:

10 Deadlifts

10 Shoot throughs


Part A – For our conditioning today we have a fairly long EMOM. It will feel a lot longer than it is due tho the amount of work and moving is involved.

For the db complex this should ideally be done unbroken, it may get to a point in the last round or 2 that you have to break it up but if that is happening from the start it may be a bit too heavy.

For our double unders we have a cap of 70 reps, pick a number that is going to allow you to get it done in around the 40 sec or so. Even if you don’t have double unders we still want you to attempt these today and give yourself a 40 sec cap.

Part B – Nothing special to note here for the deadlifts other than that we are wanting them to be TnG and that even though it is 10 reps we still want them to be tough.

For the shoot throughs you can use parallettes, kbs or box’s. You will find the higher the you are based the easier it will be. Thinking of being in a hollow body position when our feet are back and trying to keep your feet off the floor as we swoop our body through, then get your hips up high and squeeze your glutes when your feet are out front. Keeping the arms locked out the entire time.

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